Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creme Fraiche

A staple in french cuisine, and widely used throughout Europe, creme fraiche is similar to sour cream with a superior full, rich flavor. It can be reduced and thickened without curdling, and can also be whipped like double cream. It is an excellent addition to all sorts of soups and sauces. And any kind of cultured milk product has beneficial bacteria that heals the gut and helps with digestion and nutrient absorption, so eat up! It's good for you!!

To make homemade creme fraiche:

1 pint good-quality cream (raw cream is best, but pasteurized works. Do not use ultrapasteurized.)
1 tablespoon whole-milk buttermilk (not ultrapasteurized, and without additives)

Stir buttermilk into cream in a clean glass jar. Cover tightly and leave at room temperature to culture for 24-48 hours, until thick, slightly sour, and creamy.

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