Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Healthiest cereal ever!

This recipe is from Reeve Neild - she's one of three totally amazing LDS professional golfers. Here's an article about them,

I don't thing amounts really matter - just make a nice mixture that looks good to you.

Mix it up and store it in ziplock bags.

Reeve's Cereal Mix Recipe 
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Bran Flakes 
Bran Sticks (All-Bran) &
Bran Buds
Multi-Grain Cheerios 

Cracklin' Oat Bran
Sesame Seeds 

Sunflower Seeds 

Flaxseed (ground) 

Almond (chopped)

10 Grain Cereal (more of a powder)

5 Grain Cereal  (Crunchier/Whole Flakes) 

Coconut (unsweetened) 

Wheat Germ 

Oat Bran

Wheat Bran

Banana Chips (break them) 

Pumpkin Seeds (green)


Regular Old-fashioned Rolled Oats (And ANYTHING else healthy & delicious that you might like to add!)

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