Friday, June 13, 2014

Grown up Hot Chocolate

(secret ingredient - but this cocoa is good without it)

I've discovered a newer, darker way to make hot chocolate here in Ghana.

We have wonderful cocoa powder so I don't like to mess with it too much. That means - much less milk (and our milk is yucky boxed here anyway).

Fill a cup about 2/3 full of water. Heat in microwave until very hot.

Stir in 2 or 3 tsp of good flavored cocoa powder (please not Hershey)

Add a tsp or 2 of a good quality sweetened cocoa mix if you like - I use starbucks

Stir with small whisk

Add a little milk to fill your cup (to taste)

Drink, if you dare - or add sugar first - to taste

We've also been adding something you can only find in Ghana - Dawadawa powder. It does for cocoa what soy sauce does for rice - deepens the flavor (umami taste)


But chocolate is wonderful any way any time any place

My original hot chocolate recipe is here

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